Jack's Best Movies of the 1990s

Roger Ebert, Shmoger Ebert... here is my top ten list for the 90s. I'm sure I've missed lots of things...

10 Goodfellas
9 Slacker
8 The Ice Storm
7 Magnolia
6 Rushmore
5 The Matrix
4 Miller's Crossing
3 Lone Star
2 Out of Sight
1 Limbo


And in the "honorable mention" category, in no particular order...

The Player Leaving Las Vegas Barton Fink My Own Private Idaho
Cookie's Fortune Great Expectations The Usual Suspects The Whole Wide World
Heavenly Creatures LA Confidential Fast Cheap & Out Of Control The Sweet Hereafter
Ulee's Gold Everyone Says I Love You Before Sunrise The Shawshank Redemption
The Grifters Reservoir Dogs To Die For Swingers
  Sling Blade Metropolitan